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In 2038 the world consists of firmly controlled systems. Every purchase is tracked on the Card. Medical treatment is dictated by a Health Care Index number. One’s every steps are tracked. For Andrew Collier this has never been a problem. An astronomer with comfortable means, he has abided by his nation’s laws all his life. Until now.

Discovering the high probability of an asteroid colliding with Earth, Andrew shares this information with a friend and NASA employee, who grudgingly presses the space agency toward recognition of the coming calamity. Indecisiveness, congressional skepticism, safety regulations, and rigid union contracts whittle the time window for effective action.

Returning from a covert trip to Russia after contacting entrepreneur Dan Barnmore and connecting with a Russian space company, Andrew is detained by two guards and pressed for information. When he is unexpectedly rescued, a whirlwind race for time begins as Andrew and his unlikely savior seek to inform the necessary powers of the asteroid’s path before they can be stopped by the heavy hand of the government.

A unique insight into what could happen if man responded to his duty, Atlas Rising portrays a world where, amid a stifled life, the contrast of hope shines even brighter. Discover the difference one man can make in W. C. Augustine’s eye- opening novel, Atlas Rising.